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Please remember to always contact "Your Coach" with all questions/concerns first.  If you have a question its makes sense that every player/Parent on the same team may have that same question.  The AYL expects that our Football Coaches strive to be extremely knowledgeable about their sports, our rules, and processes.  By asking your Coach, if they don't know the answer, they will consult with their Club Football Delegate and receive the information important to everyone.  The AYL Football Board meets every week throughout the season and is the only Colorado League Management organization that does so!  This provides the opportunity to resolve issues and fix errors in a timely manner.

If your Coach fails to answer your questions or concerns please contact your Club Delegate.  If appropriate, your Club Delegate will bring issues to the AYL Football Board.  If you need further information for your club, please click on the logo below and you will be directed to the club web site.




Co-VP's of AYL Football  -  Todd Stott  &  Anthony Tapia

Secretary of AYL Football  -  Derick Viarrial

League Player Safety Coach - JJ Rullo

Scheduler  -  Matt Daughenbaugh

Head of Officials  -  Jeff Wood


    Cherry Creek Bruins Delegates

Pete Kane

Tom Hoffman

Craig Randall

CJ Spangenberg



     Raptors Delegates

Carlos Aragon

Todd Stott

Carrie Manion



       Eagles Delegates

Anthony Tapia

Damon Conaway

Rob Rathbun

Anthony Tapia - PSC


   Littleton Thunder Delegates

Heath Dorris

Jay Lukes

Brandi Tetley


  Parker Hawks Delegates

Brad Banks

Derick Viarrial

Daniel Wynn

Jeremy Fields


   Spartans Delegates


Brian Leivian

JJ Rullo

Kenny Williams

Won Yi


       Warriors Delegates

Mike Lupton

Kevin McAllister

Jason White


      Stallion Sports Club

Eric Jarmon

‚ÄčKelly Jarmon

Mike Huber